May 20, 2011

Episode 60: Part Two (Or, B)

After a huge hiatus caused by technological issues and wedding mayhem, here comes Comic Racks Episode 60 Part B for your audio pleasure!

Abandoning their original plan of reviewing Series 3 of Being Human (suffice to say, they thought it was great), we bring to you instead 51 mins jam-packed to scary 'splosion levels of gorgeous comics man meat. Homina homina! The ladies reveal their top 5 comics/comic-related hotties from *SPOILERS!* to *SPOILERS*, the possibly under-age *SPOILER!* and, of course, *SPOILERS, SWEETIE*

As well as all the hunky goodness, there's also some Rack Music, just for you!

Beware; it's quite possibly not safe to listen to this one at work, even with headphones...


April 28, 2011

Episode 60: Part One - Technology Fails Us

Due to some utterly ridiculous technical issues (read: Stacebob’s PC being a MASSIVE BELL-END), this episode both sounds a bit crap and gets abandoned before the ladies hit the first Main Topic they’ve had planned for an absolute age…

But don’t let that put you off! In a bizarre twist of awesome, some news materialises on the show, on such crazy topics as a Birmingham based superhero and John Barrowman’s tour schedule…

Join the girls as they get their reviewer hats on, discussing such delights as Li’l Depressed Boy #1, Axe Cop, Hellboy: Masks and Monsters, 10thology and more.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a little dose of Comic Racks joy, with a special guest appearance from Charlie Adlard’s boxers!

PS I, Stacebob, would like to send out HUGE HUGS and thanks to Iz for making a great episode out of the complete mess my PC made of this recording. You are a superstar.


March 25, 2011

Episode 59

In episode 59 Iz and Stace review a ton of stuff, listed below, and debate the possibility of hosting a future podcast with a Rackette - i.e. a nice shiny Comic Racks listener...if this is you, get in touch: comicracks@yahoo.com

**SPOILER ALERTS FOR Being Human S3, E1, & Hellblazer 275**

Also reviewed are Pigfish, Black Widow 1-5, Batman Hidden Treasures, The Cryptics, Essex County Vol 1: Tales From the Farm, Best Worst Movie, Batman the Brave and the Bold 19, My Faith in Frankie, and Batwoman 0.


January 17, 2011

Episode 58

The Racks are back (again..and we might even put regular episodes out this year).

Stace and Iz discuss a huge pile of comics, old and new, a few movies, a TV show , an Xbox Kinnect game and also pick some top tunes in the first Racks of the new year.

Reviews include: Spiderman Blue, Nancy in Hell, Hyperdrive, Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising, Persepolis, A Sickness in the Family, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Tron, Tron Legacy, Knight & Squire 1-3, Flash and His Face all Red.


November 10, 2010

Episode 57: Ask The Racks (again, innit)

After an incredibly long time away from each other & our microphones, me & Stace both talk up a storm about everything and nothing in an Ask the Racks special - questions clawed from the forums, Twitter, etc over the last few months.

We wedge in a few reviews & Tops & Tails at the start, and a not-offensive-at-all Rack Music section reet at the end.

Be warned - this episode is looooooong.


August 10, 2010

Episode 56

Quite possibly the least rambly of Comic Racks podcasts ever!!

We discuss the current News including remakes of Being Human and Total Recall, we get slightly stalkery over Paul Cornell (again), and then run through a tonne of reviews including Runaways, Deadpool, Dark Wing Duck, Scott Pilgrim 1, Action Comics, Bevis Musson’s Dead Queen Detectives and Mongrels.

We nearly fall out over this episode’s Rack Music picks but luckily we were both exhausted so couldn’t muster the energy



July 12, 2010

Episode 55: With Added Sidekick

Late, long and with only one Rack – Iz is joined by a new Rackette - Sidekickcast’s Gavin Jones. We originally intended this episode to be a brief Q&A about Gav’s life, loves and all things X-Men; as well as the usual format of a Racks podcast. Unfortunately because we are very good buddies in ‘real’ life this episode takes on a life of its own, with us waxing lyrical about anything and everything (but we do keep it nerdy...mostly). It should be noted that A LOT of booze was consumed during this epic adventure and boy does it show...we had a great time though!!

After a HUGE ramble about Torchwood, X Men, how lovely Paul Cornell and Mike Carey are, and many many many other nerd topics, we manage a very brief review section where we discuss Crossed Family Values #2 (SPOILERS), and Alan Moore’s Top 10. In keeping with the rest of the episode this section gets a bit de-railed with us nearly coming to blows over Moore, with me sticking the boot into Ellis while I'm at it.

Instead of a News section I invited Gav to bring along the patented Sidekickcast Secrets and Lies - where 5 items of news are presented, one of which is false. I enlist the help of ECBT2000AD co-host (and the other half) Rich to try and suss out the Lie.

A quick and very inebriated Rack Music section rounds of episode 55 - hopefully order will be restored for the next ep when Stacey returns to keep me on track...maybe :/


July 8, 2010

Episode 54

Welcome to the spectacular tangent fest that is Episode 54 of Comic Racks!

Join us as we get our review hats on and chat (quite spoilerifically) about everything we can think of, including True Blood S1, Fat Chunk V2, Marvel Her-Oes #1 & #2, Kick Ass, Doctor
Who 'The Forgotten' #1-#6, Tank Girl 'Dirty Helmets', The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, a rather large batch of webcomics (links below soon), The Losers movie and much much more.

Stace gets pretty rant-tastic over Captain America: Who Won't Wield The Shield?, I reiterates my love for The Boys, and both of us have a splendid time talking about the joys of John Barrowman.

So sit back, relax, and tune in for prudishness, swearing, and giggles galore.

Adam Cadwell's website and webcomic The Everyday (thanks to Keehar for the recommendation)


May 27, 2010

Episode 53: The Racks Reunited: Iz is back...with added Whittle

Me and Stacey are reunited, and joined by extra special guest, the fabulous Stacey Whittle founding member of the Small Press Big Mouth podcast.

Expect spectacular tangents, rants and random cooing over a variety of totty. We also talk up a storm about tons and tons of comics and films, and generally put the world to rights.

Comic Reviews: The Unwritten #12, Echo #s 18 - 21, Iron Man Legacy #1, Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding Album trade, Criminal Vols 3 and 4, Pinocchio Vampire Slayer, Flash, Daytripper #1, Flaming Carrot Comics, Brightest Day #0 and 1, 2000AD and Spiderman Fever.

Film Reviews: Four Lions, Bunny and the Bull, Kick Ass, Iron Man 2

See? I said there were tons...enjoy!! (and sorry about the sound)


May 3, 2010

Episode 52: Dwonchcast (No, Dave, your title didn't make it.)

Hello there, fair listener, and welcome to episode 52 of Comic Racks!

This episode, Stacebob is joined by the lovably scummy Dave Dwonch; comic writer, artist and fellow podcaster for the Geek Savants. Hear their thoughts on a Wanted sequel, whether Ghost Rider really was that bad as well as getting up close and personal with Sir Dwonch himself.

Also covered are JSA #37, Turf #1, Glee, The Courtyard, Guns of Shadow Valley and Alan Moore's chaffed arse, as well as much much more...

Throw in a couple of tunes, some choice peeves and you've got yourselves and episode, ladies and gents!

So grab a nice cup of tea, a slice of Battenburg cake and enjoy Episode 52. Huzzah!