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February 5, 2008

Episode 7: The One Where We Actually Talk Comics

After the gargantuan double episode Doctor Who extravaganza (also known as the two episode ramble-fest), the Racks gals get back to their regular fortnightly format to chat all things comics (and some things TV and film...)

Join us as Iz gets over excited at the prospect of signed John Barrowman stuff, Stace demonstrates why she shouldn't be allowed to sing on the podcast, and both girls come up with the worst, least newsworthy news EVER. Stace's sister, Zoe, makes her comics podcast debut, allbeit in a slightly concussed and very un-comic related way.

Being too lazy to actually think of a main topic to discuss, The Racks ladies (ladies? pfft!) do an extended review section, covering comics and graphic novels from recent to oldies, and indies to the Big Two. Stace gets a little bit violent towards old witchy women (for good reason, though!) and Iz worries that her all-round love for Battlepope may condemn her to the fiery depths of Hell

We give the details about our competition again (just a couple more episodes to go to get your entries in, guys!), and Iz pimps herself out for a new job.



February 18, 2008

Episode 8

Join the noobie birds again for episode 8, crammed full of germs, comics and a tonne of swearing. Our feature this fortnight is Ask the Racks where the girls answer loads of questions from the forums including what it's like to be a fan-girl...

Along the way Iz loses her mind over a potential encounter with John Barrowman, Stace discusses the financial perils of being a Manga fan, and the girls nearly fall out over Steve Dillon (but not quite).

Also in this new episode is Rack Music - where this week Stace choses her defining song of the moment.

Reviews include: Eleventh Hour #2, Captain America #34 (SPOILERS), Wolverine Origins #21, Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey, and Bleach #21 & 22.


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