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June 11, 2008

Episode 15: Return Of The Rackettes!

Firstly, the Ladies of Rackington would like to apologise to you, the wonderful listening public, for the untimely release of this episode. Technical difficulties and unprovoked front door attacks prevented this episode from being released on time, but trust us, it's worth the wait!

After several months of being completely rubbish, the girls finally get their act together and present to you their second and rather awesome Rackette, the lovely Marcus Q. Join them in the main feature as they discuss Marcus' comic likes and dislikes, how dyslexia can affect a comic reader and what comic creators and editors could be doing to improve the reading quality of their works.

During the show, Stacey gets excited several times, on topics such as The Futureheads (oh, will she ever shut up about them? I think not), Jamie Smart and awesome looking Transformers covers. As well as all the excitement there are rants a-plenty as Iz slates her Tail of the Racks, and Marcus addresses a friend who borrowed (read: nicked) some books once...

Unfortunately, Mr Q departed before the Rack Music and Peeve segments, but never fear! Iz and Stace produce the goods, as they can never let a good rant lie.

Will Stace disguise herself as Velma to stalk The Futureheads? Will Marcus ever get his books back? Will Iz accept that being "the tits" is, in fact, a good thing? Listen on and find out!


PS Muchos spologies also for the overlapping sound in places. Had to keep some bits in so the episode wasn't too short and boring, but it can be a bit weird to listen to. Stupid Skype.


June 24, 2008

Episode 16: Ask The Racks Part 3

Woot!! It's here and only a day late

**Spoilers for Wolverine #25 & Casey Blue - Beyond Tomorrow**

Join the Racks for Episode 16 - packed full of the usual news, reviews, peeves, Rack music plus all of the usual geeky ramblings

This is one of the more action-packed episodes with tales of Iz’s furious disagreement with her stairs and Stace’s awesome experience seeing not one, but two, of her favourite bands live (much to the concussed Racks dismay).

Our main topic this week is Ask the Racks - Part 3, where the ladies answer a bunch of questions from forumites (and half of Stacey's family) including: Which superhero film is the best and worst?, which superhero film would you make and who would you cast in the lead?, and have either of you ever 'converted' a mate to comics who previously wasn't interested? and if so, what hooked 'em?

Wolverine Origins #25
Casey Blue - Beyond Tomorrow
Dexter - Season 1
Invincible - Universe Primer


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