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October 12, 2008

Episode 23: BICS a-go-go

Welcome to Episode 23, where Comic Racks will engage you with tales of squidgy fingers, job-miffs, and podcast-theivery...and then actually get on with the episode itself.

This week we have real-people news (Comic Racks, Jamie Smart, and Almost Dr Karl Byrne)and some pretty spiffy reviews:

Deadpool #1 and 2
Big Hero 6 #1
The Dead #1

Our Top of the Racks are as outstanding as ever with a controversial Tail thrown in for good measure (via a big joint fume about Forbidden Planet)...

Our main topic this episode is less of a blow-by-blow account of Brum Con 08, but rather more of a how-drunk-did-we-get-and-what-panels-did-we-miss? account Join us as we ramble about our celebrity new best friends, the panels that we *did* manage to get to, and what we got up to with all our forum buddies

We round off with some cracking Rack Music (Clint Eastwood from Gorillaz and Cath... from Death Cab for Cutie), as well as a rather dubious Peeve...

Tune in next fortnight for an Ask the Racks special and don't forget this is the last episode to be hosted on the Geek Syndicate feed.


October 27, 2008

Episode 24a: Ask the Racks, Part 1

Welcome to this super duper mega special birthday spectacular episode of Comic Racks! That's right, because it was recently their first birthday, The Racks offer you part one of our mammoth Ask The Racks special! Huzzah!

The ladies get their spoiler heads on as they blitz through a load of reviews, including such delights as IDW's new Ghostbusters title, Secret Six, Captain Britain & MI:13, Bear, Crossed and much more. The spoilers continue as this episode's Tops and Tails are revealed, and Stacey revels in the knowledge that she's not a f***ing idiot.

In the news section, the girls actually have some news to share, and set about discussing Ham & Eggs, the Watchmen movie ending controversy, and the general lack of He-Man movie makery amongst other things.

Onto the main section, where the first part of this, the birthday double part joy, is monopolised by Mr The Hod as The Racks ladies attempt to answer every question of his, including why we like comics so much, what we read when we were little, and whether any elements of geek culture scare the pants off us.

All this, plus a public apology to Richard Herring, Iz's nerdy anniversary fun, and The Graysons?...

Look out for Episode 24b, coming your way next week! Squee!


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