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February 12, 2009

Episode 30: Shawn of the Racks

It’s interview time again with Shawn Pryor of PKD Media joining the Racks from Kentucky, USA.

Shawn is the founder of PKD Media, and creator of Mercury and The Murd, Exo-1 & the Rock-Solid Steelbots, and many more works in progress.

The Racks discover a kindred spirit in conversational tangents, and the interview is made up of more outakes than real content, but we do manage to have in depth discussions on how get into writing, self publishing, self promotion, what PKD Media are up to, what swines Diamond are, comic book film adaptations, Amy Winehouse needing a hug, and most important of all – favourite swear words and favourite type of biscuit.

Reviews include: Flight of the Conchords, Wonderful Wizard of Oz #2, Prince Caspian, and Buffy #21



February 23, 2009

Episode 31: NYCC A-Go-Go

WARNING: Not only is this episode long (and liable to explode your ears with awesome), but it also contains the worlds rudest, most hilarious, most inappropriate chat-up line EVER.Welcome to a super-special, super-long, super-crazy episode of Comic Racks!

Join Iz and Stace as they recount their tales from the past two weeks. But which is more exciting; Iz's trip to New York Comic Con or Stace's snowman buildery? You decide!

In this rant-filled episode, Stace goes completely mental over snow, CookieShake milkshakes and imported face coffee, while Iz tries to restore some sanity to proceedings with tales of forumite kindness and the Racks debut in a real book. Of course, Iz's attempt to be sane fails miserably during the Peeve of the Week section, where both ladies express their utter disdain for the state of TV advertising today. Who you gonna call? Not 118 as that's only half the number...

As the ladies get their review on, hear what they think of Green Arrow & Black Canary #16, Scars, Faces of Evil: Prometheus One-Shot, Being Human and Wrestlemaniac, to name but a few (warning, there's a pretty huge spoiler for Final Crisis lodged in this section!)

Our main section sees Iz recounting her trip to the New York Comic Con, including tales of embarrassing herself in front of her favourite creators and (briefly) flashing her Racks t-shirt at Dan DiDio. Enjoy!


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