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April 6, 2009

Episode 34

Shortest episode ever!! Through a combination of exhaustion and snot the Racks keep it brief-ish this episode - with another extended review session.

Along the way the girls argue over Gail Simone, and debate such crucial cultural issues such as dancing like a moron, snot-induced swearing...and horse cock.

Listen out for the shameless self-promotion and a charity appeal - Iz could be doing a run dressed as Wonder Woman if she reaches her target Good and bad news is covered - Stace is going to Bristol Con (yay!!), but Iz had to cancel Cymru Con (boo)..which leads the Racks onto plotting jumping on Geordies and Dan DiDio (but not at the same time).

A billion and three reviews are discussed and some cracking Rack Music is played - and Iz gets an extra-special voicemail at the start of the episode (swoon).

*Apols for the variation in sound - we split the editing and did it differently innit


April 30, 2009


In this episode, the girls somehow cram an absolute shedload of awesome into 1 hour and 45 minutes of podcast joy! Although generally lacking in news, the Ladies Wot Rack more than make up for it with loads of reviews, tops and tails, tangents and a nice big chat about upcoming nerd movies they fancy (as well as actors they fancy a bit, too… )

Join Iz and Stace as they review a million and one things, from Punisher: War Zone to The Boat That Rocked, Thunderbolts #130 to Fables, Prototype #1 to Damaged Goods, and a heck of a lot in between!

During the main topic, hear what the Ladies think of Wolverine (the film, not Hugh Jackman!… Well, OK, a little bit of Hugh Jackman…), and other upcoming movies such as Coraline, Transformers 2 and The Surrogates.

All this plus two mega-peeves, a giant Marvel Divas digression, Iz’s hectic Easter and Stacey’s new way of showing appreciation for trade paperbacks…

Have at thee!


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