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June 11, 2009

Episode 38: Frosty, Foster and the Hangover Kid, The Return of the Rackette

The Racks are joined by a new Rackette – Mr Luke Foster, co-host of Nine Panel Nerds, creator of Moon Freight 3 web comic, and a very very nice chap. We ramble with Luke reminiscing about our super-cool weekends: Stacey got to “squee” (and dribble) at Maximo Park, Iz got to swoon at Tony Curtis, and Luke got to hang out with NYCs finest at the CNI Ep 200 recording.

We manage to cover a thumping amount of comic reviews including: Caretakers Uncannily Nasty Tales, Nova #25, Scott Pilgrim Vol 1, Tank Girl Remastered Vols 1 and 2, Doctor Who: The Time Machinations, Sinister Dexter, and a coupla films are thrown in for good measure too.

We actually manage to keep the episode to an hour and 44 which is a flippin miracle as we got distracted at every turn, tangenting about Jammy Dodgers, Ryan Reynolds, and attempted spider homicide.


June 29, 2009

Episode 39: Ask The Racks Part Something-or-Other

Welcome to a spangly new episode of Comic Racks; insanely rambling just for you since 2007!

In this episode, the ladies attempt to do a shorter episode using alarms which don’t go off properly, get ignored, or aren’t set at all, resulting in this 1 hour and 45 min extravaganza!

Join the Racks as they get over-excited by Deadpool related news items, other exciting new podcasts and comics galore. Spoilertastic reviews include Batman & Robin #1, Terminator Salvation, Eekamoo, Cancertown, Pwanda,Thugs #1, Fear Agent, Chew #1 and a shedload more besides.

In the Ask The Racks section, the girls struggle to cast actors in comic movies, Stacey desperately attempts to explain Deadpool’s name (and probably failed miserably) and Iz explains why superhero comics make her run away in fear. Also discussed are boobtastic manga figures, the comics that made us nerds and what catchphrases the super-awesome Comic Racks figures would have if ever they were made.

Playing out this episode is the worlds most ridiculous, offensive, foul and downright hilarious song, Skeletor VS Beastman by Gnarkill. If you value your childhood, you should probably skip this song…



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