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October 14, 2009

Episode 45: BICSarama!

What's this? Comic Racks on a Wednesday?...

Yes, after far too long a time, and far too many con-related germs, Iz and Stace get together for a mid-week Racks dedicated to the awesome fun that was the British International Comics Show 2009. Although one half of the Racks didn't attend the actual show, fun times were still had by all in the pub on the night!

Listen in as Iz tells of her convention experience, while Stace tells of the immense fun of being more sober than everyone else at a party. There's face-licking, dinosaur jazz hands and wine ahoy as the Racks take on Birmingham.

On top of that comes some awesome Rack Music, Stace's weeping upon finally seeing Up, and Iz's take on the movie Fame. All this plus Kevin Smith, Pixies, boats, uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss music and more!



October 20, 2009

Episode 46: Questions for The Question

Whilst Iz is away, sunning herself on exotic beaches, lazing by the pool and testing the elasticity of her trousers at the buffet, Stace enlists the help of fellow comic nerd and podcaster, Eric Martin, for this rather long and tangent-filled episode. Eric, also known as The Question on thecomicforums.com, is one half of both the DC Noise and Comics Playground podcasts.

As Stace sets the record for the number of times one person can say 'anyway' in one podcast (and there were more, now to be found only on the cutting room floor!), Eric divulges the very first comic he bought with his own money, why that one in particular caught his eye, and which comic storyline he'd erase from continuity if he could, along with a few of his favourite things.

Amongst the Reviews this episode are the Wonder Woman animated movie, North 40, Wednesday Comics, Master of Horror, Bear, Green Lantern Corps and more! Eric sets Stacey off on yet another love-filled ramble on Blackest Night, the Peeve section disintigrates into digressions galore and both Eric and Stace admit to shedding a tear over a comic.

All this, plus two jolly spiffing music nuggets, a lotta DC love and reasons why Stace would make a terrible superhero.



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