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Episode 54

Welcome to the spectacular tangent fest that is Episode 54 of Comic Racks!

Join us as we get our review hats on and chat (quite spoilerifically) about everything we can think of, including True Blood S1, Fat Chunk V2, Marvel Her-Oes #1 & #2, Kick Ass, Doctor
Who 'The Forgotten' #1-#6, Tank Girl 'Dirty Helmets', The Return of Bruce Wayne #1, a rather large batch of webcomics (links below soon), The Losers movie and much much more.

Stace gets pretty rant-tastic over Captain America: Who Won't Wield The Shield?, I reiterates my love for The Boys, and both of us have a splendid time talking about the joys of John Barrowman.

So sit back, relax, and tune in for prudishness, swearing, and giggles galore.

Adam Cadwell's website and webcomic The Everyday (thanks to Keehar for the recommendation)


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