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Episode 60: Part Two (Or, B)

After a huge hiatus caused by technological issues and wedding mayhem, here comes Comic Racks Episode 60 Part B for your audio pleasure!

Abandoning their original plan of reviewing Series 3 of Being Human (suffice to say, they thought it was great), we bring to you instead 51 mins jam-packed to scary 'splosion levels of gorgeous comics man meat. Homina homina! The ladies reveal their top 5 comics/comic-related hotties from *SPOILERS!* to *SPOILERS*, the possibly under-age *SPOILER!* and, of course, *SPOILERS, SWEETIE*

As well as all the hunky goodness, there's also some Rack Music, just for you!

Beware; it's quite possibly not safe to listen to this one at work, even with headphones...


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